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Travel Jug - 2 Cups Dual Voltage: Korjo

Travel Jug - 2 Cups Dual Voltage: Korjo
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    Home-away-from-home luxury, safety and convenience. 400ml capacity fills 2 ample cups (cups included). Automatic safety cut out. Reset button and on/off light. Lightweight (400g) and compact. Boils 2 cups in 4 min (on 240V).

    The heating element is built into the jug, therefore it is hidden from view.

    The 2 cups are stored inside the jug and enclosed with a lid.

    Travel tip: In many countries, a kettle is not provided in your room. Take a water boiler/travel jug.

    This unit also features a switch to enable it to work on 110v as well.

    For international destinations, you may require an electrical adaptor to enable you to use the Australian electrical plug in the country you are visiting. See our electrical adaptor section.
    • Dimensions:
      • Height approx 170mm.
      • Width at top 50mm (70mm if including the handle)
      • Watts: 650 watts.
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